Widespread Rumour About Yourself And How To Deal With It

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Widespread Rumour About Yourself And How To Deal With It

Rumours are a part of life. They're the stuff of gossip, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They spread very fast like wildfire. Some are more serious than others, but we can all agree on one thing: Rumour hurts! Ask yourself, what rumour have you heard about yourself and how did you deal with it?

For me, I would say the rumours I heard about myself that really hurt me were in my high school days. The first rumour that went round my department in my 300 level in the University of Benin was the rumour that I was dating one of my lecturers. How funny! This rumour took effect after this Lecturer picked up an interest in me when he discovered how well I have been doing in his most dreaded course, Syntax specifically. There was an occasion when he literally told the class representative to inform me that I should teach the class on his behalf which was surprising, and I did it so well that I didn't even pay attention to when he came during my lecture. He blended amongst the students and at the end of my lecture, he bragged about me in front of everyone. I didn't know that all these acts were building assumptions in the minds of some of my course mates. I was doing so well in his course that it was finally assumed that I must be sleeping with him before I would have gotten such excellent grades. When I got to know about this rumour, I felt really bad.

The second wave of rumour that went round was in my final year. My fiancé had proposed to me and there were speculations that I was pregnant already. How on earth this was manufactured, I can't explain it. I still couldn't understand why such rumours would spread about me. I was never promiscuous. Those that knew me in school could testify that I was living a quiet life. So, what led to the rumour??? The speculation was that for me to be getting married early, I must be carrying someone's baby....

Well, this is me talking about this topic and time had already proven that all those rumours were lies, and the carriers were just childish and jobless at the time.

Rumor hurts but how you react and deal with it matters. 

The first thing you need to do when you hear a rumour about yourself is to stay calm. Your calmness will make you think well. You don't just act on impulse. No matter how serious a rumour is, it would always fade out with time. You need to know that some people want attention, some just want to get back at you and some want to start a fight. Your calmness would help you not to fall for this trap.

More so, depending on the intensity of the rumour, you can either ignore or confront it to clear the air. If it's something you know that it's worth ignoring, please ignore and don't pay attention to it. Like in my story I shared at the beginning, I didn't pay attention to it. I simply ignored because I knew that time would do its job which it did. It would be more painful to the carriers when they eventually see that you don't have their time.

If the rumour is worth confronting especially those kinds that could pose damage to your reputation or any other thing you hold. Dear, please confront it. Clear the air. If you know the source of the rumour, confront it.

Finally, take the time to remind yourself of the qualities you possess and the accomplishments you have achieved. Rumours can often feel like they diminish who you are, so it’s important to have moments where you feel empowered and strong. At the end of the day, remember to love yourself, because that’s what really matters.

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