Why Do We Need To Talk About The Importance Of Sex In Marriage?

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Why Do We Need To Talk About The Importance Of Sex In Marriage?

Why do we need to talk about the importance of sex in Marriage? Is sex not a default activity in marriage? Should this be a topic for discussion? Well I guess these are the questions that could probably come up in your mind. We all have a view about sex in Marriage. For some, sex shouldn't be a problem in marriage. It should be something that couples are eager to do everyday. What a thought! Inasmuch as this view is not wrong, unfortunately, some couples struggle with sex in Marriage and there are a lot of reasons for this but let's take a look at two major reasons.

First Reason:

Why Do We Need To Talk About The Importance Of Sex In MarriageCouples who don't talk about the way they want it in sex tend to struggle with their sexual life. There's a way you want your spouse to touch you, and there's a way you want to feel. Lack of communication about sex or during sex will prevent you from getting that satisfaction you want. You have to be willing to open up and talk about your feelings with your partner. Share your concerns, fears, and desires with them without any shame or hesitation. Your partner may have no idea that you're struggling, or they might be feeling the same way too.

Second Reason:

Stress is another major reason for sex struggle. As we go about our normal lifestyles, a lot of things can pose a challenge thereby causing us stress physically, mentally and even emotionally. When we're stressed, our bodies release cortisol, a hormone that can lower our libido and reduce our ability to enjoy sex. We may find ourselves too tired or too anxious to be in the mood, or we may simply be too distracted by our worries to fully engage with our partners. And, unfortunately, the longer the stress persists, the harder it can be to get back into the swing of things.Why Do We Need To Talk About The Importance Of Sex In Marriage

For couples who are dealing with stress-related sex struggles, it can be easy to fall into a vicious cycle. The stress reduces our desire for sex, which in turn can cause relationship tension and further exacerbate the stress. But, it doesn't have to be this way. With a little effort and some helpful tips, couples can learn to navigate these challenges and maintain a healthy, satisfying sex life. Ultimately, stress is a normal part of life, but it doesn't have to take a toll on your marriage or your sex life. By prioritizing self-care and open communication, you can overcome the challenges and enjoy a happy, healthy relationship.

In Conclusion:

Sex is an essential activity in marriage. Couples who have frequent passionate sex have shown to always be happy. You can have an exciting and sweet sex life. couples need to learn how to spice up their sexual life to make it fun for both of them. Explore new things in the bedroom. Sometimes, sex can become mundane and repetitive, so why not try something new? Experimenting with new positions, toys, or fantasies can be exhilarating and bring a new level of intimacy to your relationship.

Trigger your partner especially when you are not with him or her. Make him or her yearn to have sex with you when they get back home. Triggers like text messages that provoke their sexual feelings go a long way to get them prepared ahead.  Keeping the romance alive outside of the bedroom also triggers this feeling. Show your partner that you still care for them in little ways, like cooking them a special meal or writing them a love letter. It's these small acts of affection that remind us of why we fell in love in the first place.

Sex struggles in marriage are a real challenge, but they don't have to mean the end of your relationship. By working together, communicating openly, and embracing new experiences, you can keep the spark alive and continue building a loving, fulfilling partnership. God knows how much importance sex holds in marriage and that's why it's an integral part of marriage.It can strengthen emotional connections, boost health and overall well being. So, make it a priority to nurture your physical intimacy, and you will enjoy a more fulfilling marriage for years to come

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