When You Feel That Loss of Connection.

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When You Feel That Loss of Connection.

Let's talk about how you used to feel when you were courting your spouse...

Remember the first day you were to meet or hang out? How you prepared to look beautiful or handsome. How you checked the mirror countless times to be sure that you are okay or is it how you cleared your room when you were expecting your spouse. This feeling can feel like an exhilarating rush, as if your life suddenly has so much more to look forward to. And remember also how you used to respond to your spouse's touches.... That tingle you used to feel, the sudden surge of emotions, the way your heart used to race and the way you used to feel like you are floating in the moment. It can be a very special moment that you'll never forget. Then after some years of living together in marriage, you just realized that you don't feel that way often or at all. What happened??? Have you both suddenly gotten used to each other that this doesn't make any sense again? Or is it something else?

Marriage is a beautiful thing.  As beautiful as this institution, there are moments when it would be faced with trials and some distractions but the ability to overcome every challenge that comes in your marriage as a couple is what brings out the beauty that the world sees. So, what could be the possible causes for this loss of connection???

The causes of losing connection with your spouse can vary and range from underlying issues such as lack of communication, that point you get to, and you just don't want to be the first to initiate a conversation or you just suddenly to feel that your spouse doesn't understand you anymore, so you just don't want to communicate. Also having unresolved issues, which would always come up if not dealt with is another possible cause.

Other potential causes can include financial struggles. This is one thing that could also contribute to loss of connection when one of the spouses feels the financial burden more.

Financial struggles can lead to a loss of connection in a variety of ways. It can lead to communication breakdowns between couples or between friends due to financial stress.

Financial issues can cause tension, resentment, and guilt between partners or family members, creating an atmosphere of distrust. Struggles to pay bills, creditors calling, and worrying about money can also make it difficult for people to engage in activities that foster meaningful connections with each other. Finally, when people are overwhelmed with financial troubles, it can take away from the time and energy available for connecting with friends and family, thus leading to further loss of connection.

More so, growing apart due to increased family and career responsibilities, feeling unappreciated, inadequate or excessive arguing, addiction issues, and lack of physical intimacy are other causes of loss of connection.

Lack of physical intimacy in relationships can cause couples to feel disconnected. This can lead to a sense of alienation, insecurity, and frustration. Physical touch is an essential part of any romantic relationship and not being able to touch one another or experience physical intimacy can be devastating to both partners. It can create a huge void in the relationship and, over time, erode any connection that once existed. At this point I would love to state that physical touch should not be left for one of the spouses to initiate. As a woman, don't always expect that your man should be the one to initiate it always. This could bore him and make him not to want to try.

This act would always bring up issues.

The loss of connection with your spouse can results into some consequences which includes feelings of loneliness and isolation, a lack of emotional connection or intimacy, an inability to effectively communicate and connect, decreased trust, insecurity and jealousy, a lack of respect for one another, difficulty sharing and understanding each other’s perspectives, and a diminished sense of intimacy and shared identity. It can also lead to infidelity as both partners may go in search of that connection elsewhere. If you don't want to get to this point, there's need to find a solution.

If you are feeling like your relationship is losing its connection, there are some things you can do to reconnect.

Start by setting aside regular time to spend together doing things you both enjoy, like going out for a meal, taking a walk together, or having a game night. Talk with each other and make sure you’re listening actively and responding with understanding and respect.

Reconnect by engaging in physical touch, like cuddling, kissing, and holding hands. Both partners should learn to initiate and not wait for one person to always initiate the physical touches or even the sex.

Make time to go on dates and plan meaningful experiences. Finally, take the time to discuss any areas of your relationship that could use improvement. Work together to find ways to reconnect and make your relationship stronger.

There's no challenge in marriage that cannot be resolved if both partners are two forgivers and willing to make the marriage work.

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