What Does a Toxic Environment Feels Like and How to Cope with It

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What Does a Toxic Environment Feels Like and How to Cope with It

Have you worked or lived in a toxic environment before? if you have, then I guess you know what it's like. Toxicity is prevalent in any setting where more than one person is occupying. A toxic environment is born out of so many factors which we would look at very soon but let me briefly explain how it's like...

A toxic environment can feel like an overwhelming, oppressive and/or hostile atmosphere. It can make it difficult to feel motivated or inspired, as the negativity of the environment may have a draining effect on individuals. People in a toxic environment may experience fear, conflict, mistrust, anger and frustration, which can be both mentally and emotionally exhausting and this can lead to increased stress and tension that can damage relationships and have a negative effect on overall well-being. People in this type of environment may withdraw, become anxious or depressed, struggle to focus and complete tasks, or become aggressive in response.

A toxic environment can contain many elements, including: intimidation and bullying, hostility, verbal aggression, negative or judgmental comments, gossiping, sabotaging work of others, unrealistic expectations or demands, cliques and factions. All these are caused by many different factors, including negative attitudes, unresolved conflicts, or even power struggles between individuals.

Working in a toxic environment can be challenging, but there are ways to cope. First and foremost, identify any underlying issues that may be causing tension or strife and try to address them in a respectful manner. Next, try to keep communication open between everyone involved. Listen to each person's perspective and avoid making assumptions or snap judgments. More so, practice assertiveness so you can maintain healthy boundaries and have your needs met without negatively affecting anyone else's wellbeing.

Focus on the work and do your best to stay positive. Positivity is key as this controls your outwardness. Don't engage with the toxicity of others, and if you need to, set boundaries or walk away. Additionally, take breaks when needed, try to make sure your needs are being met, talk to a friend or professional about what is going on if it's getting too much for you to handle alone. Finally, practice self-care activities such as meditation and deep breathing that can help relieve stress.

I want you to understand that the best way we can learn how to live is when you are placed in an unpleasant environment that is not lovable.


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