Love without Distractions: Enjoying a Meaningful Relationship

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Love without Distractions: Enjoying a Meaningful Relationship

Sometime ago, a former course mate of mine asked me, "how were you able to achieve excellence in your studies despite the fact that you were in a relationship back then at school?"

Well, my reply was simple: "it all depends on the person you're with." I replied to her.

It is mostly believed that when you are trying to study in school and you are also seeing someone, you may likely not do well because your attention is divided. School grades is just one aspect of your life, there are many other areas of your life that is believed could also be affected. Well, like I said earlier, it's not always true. it's either you are in an Affective relationship or a Defective Relationship. So how do you know you're in an affective relationship?

An affective relationship is a connection between two individuals where they experience strong emotional attachment and mutual respect. This relationship often involves the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and experiences, with the ultimate goal of fostering trust, love, and intimacy. An affective relationship is typically one that lasts over a long period of time and is based on both partners working together to create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. Ultimately, affective relationships strive to enhance the overall happiness of both parties. it's easier to know when you are in an affective relationship. Your partner improves you.

If you are in a defective relationship, it's not hard to know.

A defective relationship is one in which there is a lack of trust, respect, or understanding. In such a relationship, communication can become distorted or stunted, leading to negative emotions and behavior. These issues can cause both partners to feel disconnected and resentful towards each other. If the issues are not addressed and resolved, the relationship can eventually deteriorate and become dysfunctional.

People involved in defective relationships may be subjected to emotional or physical abuse. In order to prevent these serious problems, it is essential to identify a defective relationship early on and work together to improve the relationship or end it if necessary. If it means ending it, don't hesitate and this is the point where some ladies miss it because they believed that it's going to be difficult getting another man and starting all over again. A defective relationship is not meant to be endured.

Love without distractions can take your relationship to new heights, providing an environment to learn more about yourself, one another and create deeper, more meaningful connections. With open communication, support and the willingness to accept and forgive, the bond of love will only continue to grow, becoming a treasured experience you both share.

Being in a relationship that would improve you isn't scarce after all. Just know what you want, go for it and don't settle for less. 

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