Learn how to fix "Failed to Acquire the VirtualBox COM Object" known as VirtualBox Critical Error

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Learn how to fix

A few clients are announcing that they are incapable to dispatch VirtualBox. The basic blunder message that comes up is “Failed to Acquire the VirtualBox COM Object” The application will terminate”. In a few cases, the mistake is additionally gone with by a moment blunder message indicating towards the issue. The issue does not appear to be particular to a certain Windows form since it’s affirmed to happen on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Before I go further with this article, I would like to talk brief about VirtualBox because of some users or students who are new to Virtualization, Linux or Pen Testing in general. So, what is VirtualBox itself?


Oracle VM VirtualBox (formerly Sun VirtualBox, Sun xVM VirtualBox and Innotek VirtualBox) is a type-2hypervisor for x86 virtualization developed by Oracle Corporation – Wikipedia

Virtual Box is hyper visor software maintained by Oracle.

It is virtualizer which runs on x86 hardware's to supply virtual interface in local systems. Suppose you need two working frameworks Windows and Linux, but you've got as it were one equipment and which is running with Windows OS. How would you able to run Linux as well? Simple reply is introducing virtual box on local framework running Windows OS. Basically, virtual machine gets machine assets like memory, CPU from the local framework to run other OS as in case of it needs in another physical machine. VirtualBox is one of the virtualizer programs to form virtual machine that runs different frameworks interior on one single machine. VirtualBox is accessible for Windows, OS X, Linux dispersions and Solaris. Also, other accessible best hypervisors are VMware and hyper-v. Here is the comparison for hypervisors.

Let See the Causes of This ErrorVirtualBox Critical Error’ Warning

  • VirtualBox was not installed with administrator access

Installing programs on computers without administrator rights may not be recommended. This is because the installation process usually requires changes to system files and settings, which require administrator-level access. Always run installer with admin access for best practice and to avoid future issues like this.

  • Malformed Master Guest Registry

In some cases, this particular error occurs because the master guest registration may be corrupted. If this particular scenario applies to you, moving the. VirtualBox folder to your desktop should resolve the issue. This will force the application to create a new healthy version.

  • Inadequate Privileges

Even if VirtualBox is installed with administrator access, administrator privileges may be required to start some services required to operate the VM. Several affected users resolved the issue by configuring the VirtualBox shortcut to run with administrator privileges.

In case you’re as of now seeking out for a settle that will resolve this issue, this article will give you with a few investigating steps that might fair resolve the issue. Down underneath, you’ll discover a few strategies that other clients in a comparable circumstance have effectively utilized to resolve the issue. Each potential settle specified underneath is affirmed to work by at slightest one influenced client.
For best results, we recommend performing the methods, ranked by efficiency and severity, in the order presented. Regardless of what causes the error "Failed to acquire the VirtualBox COM object", one of the solutions below should help resolve the issue.

JJJ  Happy right? Let go

Solution to the Problem

Solution 1: Start VirtualBox with administrator privileges

This issue may be caused by trying to start VirtualBox from a shortcut that is not configured to run with administrator access. Several affected users have reported that they fixed the "Failed to acquire the VirtualBox COM object" error by configuring the VirtualBox shortcut to launch with administrator access. To be honest with you guys, this method absolutely works for me, I was like wow. But in some cases, like I have read online before just like you are reading this, this method might not solve your own case. You can try the next Solution. 

Here's a brief manual on a way to do this:

  • Locate the VirtualBox shortcut on your PC, either from Start or on your Desktop, mostly found there after fresh installation. See the picture below for guide.

  •  Right click and select “More” if you choose to launch VirtualBox from Start, and then choose “Run as Administrator then accept and allow User Account Control (UAC) when it prompt. It will load up and start running.  See the picture below for proper guide.

However, if your VirtualBox shortcut is located at the Desktop, just select and right click then click “Run as Administrator” allow UAC, just like the above. It will also load up and start running.


If you're still getting the error "Failed to acquire the VirtualBox COM object ", move down to the next solution below.

Solution 2: Introducing VirtualBox with admin benefits

VirtualBox is one of those programs that have to be introduced with admin benefits in arrange to operate benefits. In case you don’t give admin to get to VirtualBox installer, a few basic administrations will not be designed legitimately. A few influenced clients that were too experiencing the “Failed to Acquire the VirtualBox COM Object error have detailed that the issue was not happening after they uninstalled their current VirtualBox establishment and after that re-installed it legitimately.

Here’s a fast direct on how to do this:

Locate Control Panel on your PC, and Select Uninstall a Program, click and remove the existing VirtualBox completely. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation and also restart the PC for best practices.

Visit Here to download new one, select window OS since we are dealing Window OS. After downloaded, select and right click, then click on Run as Administrator this time. Follow the prompt, complete the installation and enjoy J

Again, if this isn't solving your case move the last solution.

Solution 3: Moving the Virtualbox folder/file to a different location

This specific issue can moreover happen due to distorted ace visitor registry. It’s conceivable that the “Failed to Acquire the VirtualBox COM Object” error is caused by an awful Virtualbox.xml record or a few other adulterated records from the VirtualBox folder. Several influenced clients have detailed that they’ve been able to resolve the issue by moving the whole VirtualBox folder to a distinctive area.

By applying this, make sure the VirtualBox is closed, then move it to any folder of your choice, if I were you, I will just move to my Desktop, your choice though. Now check if the error persists. If it persists, I will advise you to use the automatic fix up with one single click. Visit here to download Restoro.  Restoro will optimize your PC framework for greatest execution.

For MacOS Users: It is prompted that you just need to reinstall VirtualBox. In most cases, reinstalling the most recent discharge fixes the issue.

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